How A Meat Only Diet Eased Mikhaila Peterson's Pain

Mikhaila Peterson said that her arthritis was made more bearable after she adopted a meat-only diet.

How A Meat Only Diet Eased Mikhaila Peterson's Pain

Mikhaila Peterson said that her arthritis was made more bearable after she adopted a meat-only diet.

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How A Meat Only Diet Eased Mikhaila Peterson's Pain

26-year-old Mikhaila Peterson claims that after a life of living with chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and depression, her meat only diet helped ease many of her symptoms.

Her Story

Mikhaila Peterson, as well as her father, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, both, claim that switching to a meat-based diet helped take away many of their autoimmune disease symptoms.

Mikhaila had a plethora of chronic illnesses that made her suffer from when she was a child. Not only was Mikhaila diagnosed with anxiety and depression from the age of 12, she was also diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and has since had to suffer through heavy treatments. She was prescribed heavy doses of Cipralex, an antidepressant for her depression, and aggressive immunosuppressive injections for her arthritis. Despite that, however, she had around 38 affected joints and at just 17 years of age, her arthritis had gotten so severe that she had to have ankle and hip replacement surgeries.

Following these surgeries, she walked in a cast with two broken legs for a whole year after being on high doses of opiates. According to Jordan Peterson, she was addicted to opiates and so decided to quit them cold turkey, while suffering through the withdrawals.

After following the pharmaceutical route for years, Mikhaila decided to try something new and focus on her diet.

Her Diet

At first, Mikhaila started off with the widely popular diet- the ketogenic diet. This diet requires you to take in little to no carbohydrates, and high amounts of fat, pushing your body into what is known as a ketogenic state, where your body is running on the fat in your body rather than your glycogen storages. Both Mikhaila and her father have boasted about the amazing effects the diet had with regards to their autoimmune illnesses. In an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Jordan Peterson said: “All I eat is meat and greens. That’s it. No juice, no vegetables, no carbohydrates. Meat. Greens. That’s it. That seems to have fixed it.”

Referring to Mikhaila, he said “she only ate chicken and broccoli for about two months, and almost all of her symptoms went away. She’s pretty much symptom-free now, which is a complete miracle.”

Mikhaila said that after her pregnancy, she then switched onto a meat-only diet.

What Do The Experts Say

As expected, many experts have criticized the diet, citing several potential problems it could create, such as colon inflammation, constipation, and scurvy.

It’s important to note that anecdotal evidence of such a rigorous diet is not enough to start prescribing a carnivorous diet to everyone with an autoimmune disorder. However, it’s definitely an intriguing direction in which more scientific studies are needed.

Jordan Peterson had said he believes the food pyramid might be completely false. He pointed out that two of the food scientists responsible for creating the food pyramid had said that “it was the worst public health disaster in the past 40 years,” and “pretty much got it backwards.”



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