Oxen Addicted to Amphetamines

A cattleman arrested in Bizkaia for injecting drugs to his oxen to earn money in the sport of stone dragging

Oxen Addicted to Amphetamines

A cattleman arrested in Bizkaia for injecting drugs to his oxen to earn money in the sport of stone dragging

29 Eylül 2017 Cuma 02:30
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Oxen Addicted to Amphetamines
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Doping in sports is known. Cyclists, rowers, athletes or 'snipers', among many or athletes, have been protagonists of cases of consumption of banned products to improve ir performance. In Bizkaia has just discovered a new case of doping in anor type of athletes, in this case four legs: oxen. Two Biscayan herders were brought to justice last Tuesday by Ertzaintza for ir alleged involvement in a possible case of doping of se animals, which are injected amphetamines or or products to get m to drag load of stones associated with it faster to sport y practice: idi probak.

In this discipline animals are trained to drag blocks of stone up to two tons. The winner gets juicy cash prizes. The tests have a lot of tradition in Basque Country and Navarre and have important sponsors who finance m, such as Kutxabank, El Corte Inglés and public institutions.

One of cattle ranchers was arrested and or one is being investigated after one of stone trawling events at LXI championship Mikel Deuna, in Vizcaya town of Laukiz, which is sponsored by financial institution, town hall and Provincial Council Provincial of Bizkaia. The agents found syringes and or tools to dope animals in place where cattle were collected.

The Ertzaintza had been investigating this type of facts for months before suspicion that se practices began to be generalized. In August 2014 two 800-kilogram oxen died in Erandio Goikoa, exhausted, after end of trawl test. The analyzes confirmed that y had died from overdose of amphetamines. The abuse produced "suffocation and extreme exhaustion, dysnesia, ataxia and muscle tremors that led to an agonizing death." The farmer was sentenced to three months in prison and one year of disqualification.

The monitoring and control devices that Ertzaintza has established to prevent possible infractions or irregular behavior in that area, led to open a few months ago an investigation into anor suspected doping that was to occur on 26 September in Laukiz, a municipality with strong tradition in this type of tests. Last year an ox died.

Agents of Central Section of Criminal Investigation and Judicial Police of Ertzaintza appeared in probadero where competition was going to take place, accompanied by veterinarians attached to General Directorate of Agriculture of Department of Sustainability and Natural Environment of Provincial Council.

Suspicions were confirmed by locating different material commonly used in doping practices, according to Ertzaintza, so that, with prior authorization of Court of Instruction number 4 of Getxo, one of cattle ranchers was arrested imputation of anor as investigated. The sanctions that can be received by farmers for doping to each of animals amount to 15,000 euros and may also cost closure of cattle ranching, jail and disqualification. The veterinarians took samples of blood and urine from four pairs of oxen who had registered to participate in sporting event in Laukiz and Ertzaintza continued with investigation.

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